Hard at work

I had a very full day today. Was up and out of my apartment at the break of Dawn. Ran some errands on the Upper West Side, went for a few beauty treatments --- French Manicure, Brow Shaping and the dreaded WAX--Ouch!

But then, what began as an average rain, turned into a torrential downpour. I was running along Broadway with my laptop strapped to my chest under a giant umbrella and took refuge at a Starbucks.
I ended up working at a small round table in the corner, sipping hot coffee, eating a slice of lemon cake and enjoying the sound of the rain on the other side of the glass. Being that I not not had a moment to myself in 3 weeks, this was a very good thing!

A new Middle Grade Novel is burning a hole inside me. I love it so much!
Is there anything better than Children's Fiction?
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