A Day of Thanks and Giving.

I am not American, but I think the idea of giving thanks on one particular day is a great idea. I think that to do it every day would be a marvelous idea too. But to make a national holiday called Thanksgiving is ingenious.

How or why the holiday originated, who was killed and what happened is really not very important to me. But as a foreigner, I respect the cultural and family aspect of it. I love the food, I love the stories, the colors and the idea of giving thanks.

So in the true spirit of the word, my husband and I are going to do both. We are going to be thankful and giving!

Shawn and I are going to be skipping the traditional Thanksgiving...sort of.
We are going to a movie-marathon...3 movies in a row. We will head out to Times Square early in the morning and choose 3 movies we think might be fun. It will be just the 2 of us. We will give thanks for that.
The past few years I have hosted Thanksgiving at my apartment. Kind of a displaced-(grownup)-orphans Thanksgiving of sorts. By the end of the day, my apartment is a mess and we are exhausted. So this year we are going to take the year off. This year we are going to sit in a comfortable chair---with our legs up and dangling over the seats in front of us--- in an empty theater (we hope) and give thanks for no obligations to anyone but ourselves! We will arrive home, have a thanksgiving dinner and relax the night away.

Thanksgiving is going to be great! We will be giving each other the freedom of rest.