My Favorite Book Trailers

My friend and critique partner Tarra and I were discussing book trailers.
After careful thought and much Googling, it seems that when I am watching a book trailer, and picturing the unknown world of a new book, that I don’t want the characters to be revealed too much. I don’t want to hear their screams or their voices or see too much of their faces.

I don't like book trailers that mimic movie trailers. I want still images, not real moving images. I like it even better when authors use the cover of THE book. A LOT.
That way I get to see the cover, from multiple angles. It not only sets the tone for me, it engraves the book into my mind.
If I like it, when I see it in the bookstore, I wont leave it behind!

With a movie, I am watching it, observing it and enjoying it. I am not using my brain at all and I WANT to be told what they main characters look like, sound like, smell like.

I think it is because I use completely different sides of my brain for each.

For a book, I want to be told about the concept, the plot, the points of interest. I want a peek at the way the words will move and sound together and then I want to create and envision the world with my imagination, using the tools given to me by the author.

To be interested in a book and to truly enjoy a book, I have to build most of the characters and the world in my head.
Instead of talking and screams, I want to hear the music that will set the tone and mood of the story, I want to feel the music and yearn to read the word.

Speaking of trailers. What do you think of these?

Sins of Lord Easterbrook: Madeline Hunter

I walked by this book in the bookstores, maybe five times, never once buying it. A few weeks later, after seeing this book trailer I bought the book. And I LOVED it.


I think I would love this book... but I hate the trailer!
And quite frankly, when I was in the bookstore, deciding which 6 books a week I should buy, if I had a seventh in my hand, this book always made it back on to the shelf, because I thought of this trailer. If someone has read it and loved it, please let me know.

Seduce Me at Sunrise by Lisa Kleypas.

One of my favorites.

TO LOVE A SCOUNDREL by Kristina Cook

Short and Effective..I think I will pick this one up.

Scandal By Carolyn Jewel

I Loved this trailer! Bought the book..and then bought all her other books!