Tonights Gonna Be a BIG night!

Tonight, like every Tuesday evening, I am going over to my my friend Michelle's house for delicious eats, wine, writing and critiquing.

I am cooking an assortment of delicious curried things.
Here is the menu.

Bhindi Masala --curried green veg
Gobi -- spicy yellow cauliflower
12 spice Punjabi Chhole--Chick Pea Curry

Homemade Mango Lassi will be served and I am going to try to make some yogurt and cucumber concoction.

Michelle will have to make the rice. I cannot for the life of me cook rice.

I would promise to post pics, but I doubt I will keep that promise because no matter if I take the photos, its the uploading and posting of them that overwhelms my techno-phobic mind.

It should be a yummy night!

Now, can I head to the gym, do some Christmas shopping, shower, grocery shop, prep the essentials of the meal and write 5 pages by 6pm?
Better hop to it.


UPDATE*** Michelle cant cook rice either. I guess I will have to pick some up at a chinese restaurant. Do other people have this problem?