Bookstores a World Apart.

A while ago I posted about how expensive books are in South Africa over HERE, now I want to show you how RARE they are. First let me start by saying that NYC has spoiled me. There are large bookstores all over Manhattan, small independent stores, though rare, often have hidden out-of-print treasures. Then of course you have the Strand Bookstore---one bookstore with 18 miles of books. It's a reader's dream come true.

My husband and I spend most of our free time reading and the other part of it perusing bookstores all over Manhattan. It's what we do. So imagine our frustration when we went looking for bookstores in Cape Town and could not find any. We had to drive 45 minutes to a large mall, where we had to walk around for half an hour before finding a quaint store (a South African chain) that was one-third coffee shop. As I perused the aisles looking for Romance Novels I was shocked when I found this!

And that was it. One bookshelf was all there was in the Romance section. There was also a small paranormal section and a larger fantasy section, but this was all the romance there was. I wanted to cry for my fellow romance-reading South Africans. The pickings were slim. But then after a few deep breaths I took a closer look. Maybe it wasn't all bad. I saw Tessa Dare's second book. A few others I recognized and then I hit gold. One entire shelf was dedicated to Little Black Dress Books. books published in the UK and not sold in NYC...I had found a little piece of heaven.

So I gathered up a pile to sift through and decided to mull over it with a cup of Rooibos tea.

So it wasn't all bad. I mean I bought all of them, and while I was happy about my favorite find, A Most Lamentable Comedy,( had been on my TO-FIND list since the NJ RWA conference), I couldn't help but feel grateful for the life I live in NYC. 
A life of ample books, bargain prices and easy access.
My kind of life. 
What's your bookstore like?