My Colleague Sandy Lu

She is a fabulous agent and an inspiration!

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Here is news of her latest sale.

Jennifer Dowis writing as Jennifer Harlow's MY FAIR PSYCHIC. 

It is the first in an urban fantasy series featuring a young school teacher with telekinetic abilities who joins the Rogue's Gallery, a secret branch of the FBI that solves crimes committed by supernatural beings, and finds herself fighting zombies and ghouls while caught between the attention of her vampire and werewolf teammates. 

Plus two more (sales) in the series, TO CATCH A VAMPIRE and DEATH TRIES TO TAKE A HOLIDAY. (Sold) to Terri Bischoff at Midnight Ink, in a nice deal, for publication in 2011, by Sandy Lu at L. Perkins Agency (world).

Not only is she a fabulous agent, but she is a wonderful person.
Her clients are very lucky indeed.