Authors After Dark

I just got back from the AAD 2010 conference, and let me tell you that it was one of the best conferences I have ever attended. Every single writer I met was polite, passionate and so enthusiastic about their craft that I could not help but be drawn to each and every one of them. I have never seen such dedicated people, everyone spent their time helping and sharing with each other. And they were funny too. Check out this blog post by Mia Watts. WHAT HAPPENS IN NEW JERSEY.

This is a conference that is going to grow because it is all inclusive. No publisher was too small and all writers were respected and FĂȘted, regardless of publication. I was only scheduled to go for the day (Friday), but ended up leaving later on Sunday!
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It is in Pennsylvania next year and let me tell you now that you would be doing yourself a huge favor by signing up for this one. It is (very) affordable and I guarantee you will feel welcome!

Oh, and if you didn't know it yet, the organizers were so fantastic:

Stella Price is AMAZING! That woman rocks to no end.

So thank you to everyone who organized and attended AAD 2010. I felt honored to be included and so happy to meet every single one of you.

Thank you for making me feel so welcome, I hope to see you next year in PA.