FYI - Query Don't

  • If you title your email RE: Query or RE: Requested Material & we haven't corresponded before, you're starting off on the wrong foot! I already think you are sneaky and it will influence the way I feel about your work.
  • Please don't include a picture of yourself in your query--it is unprofessional and will probably end up in my spam filter.
  • If you list a body of work and don't mention the publishing house, I will consider it self-published. It won't count, because I can't use it to help further your cause with an editor. But don't worry, your work will speak for itself!
  • Your query letter isn't a synopsis, please imagine it like you would the back of a published book. Use it to draw me in and  show me your talent to build a world and describe your book in a few short paragraphs. I want to get a taste of what you can do as an author. Can you follow direction? If an editor asks you to do something--like cut 10,000 words--will you be able edit yourself without losing the core of the story? 
And please be patient, I am trying my best to respond to everyone in a polite and helpful manner. That takes time.
At the moment my schedule seems to be:

Queries: 1-3 weeks.
Partials: 1-5 weeks.
Fulls: 1-5 weeks.
Exclusive, for a Requested Full: 1 week.

If you don't hear back from me within these time frames, please feel free to nudge me with an email.