Dear Writers,

In an effort to continue responding to all queries, I have decided to start using a form rejection. As many of you know, this has been something I have tried to avoid.

Up until now, I have used a combination of form and personalized "pass" letters, but these notes have resulted in too many response emails. Some have been polite, others have requested additional help and/or advice and then there have been those that were downright rude and hurtful. The negative emails from writers has left a bad taste in my mouth, but I don't want to have to stop responding to all queries, although I admit that I have thought about it and have not ruled it out for the future.

I have also tried to avoid asking my intern to go through the query inbox because I want you to know that I have actually read your submissions. I have to be both mindful of your effort and very careful with the time I take away from my clients in order to read, respond and consider all your submissions.

In the end, while you are VERY important, my clients have to come first.

So after much consideration and careful thought, I have decided to do a few things to streamline the query process while still providing writers with the responses they need in order to keep accurate records of their submissions.

  • I have created an auto-response so that you will know that I have received your query (at the new email address). I hope this will alleviate any dread that you might have landed in my spam folder.
  • I will make a point of announcing on twitter and my blog about where (date wise) I am in the query pile.
  • I have a new, improved query-friendly email address!
  • If you want to send me a query (and the first 5 pages), you will need to email me at If you do not use this NEW email, you will not get a response (at all). If you have sent a query to the old email address, you should hear from me by October 1st.  If you do not, please resend your query to the new address.
I think the above will make the entire process easier for both the writer and for me.

If you have sent me a query and/or samples of your work, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to consider it for my list. I know this process is not an easy one.

Thank you!



P.S. I will continue to personally respond to all requested partial and full manuscripts.