OCT/NOV 2011 RELEASES by L. Perkins Agency Clients

1. DEMONS: Anthology by John Skipp (Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers)

Includes Stories by Neil Gamon, Clive Barker, Joe Hill and more....

2. MIND OVER MONSTERS by Jennifer Harlow (Midnight Ink)
Visit the authors website here: http://blog.jenniferharlowbooks.com/

3. FOREST OF SHADOWS by Hunter Shea (Samhain Publishing)
Visit the authors blog here: http://huntershea.com/

4. THE HUNGER GAMES COMPANION By Lois Gresh (St. Martin's)
Visit the authors blog here: http://loisgresh.blogspot.com/

5. NECROPOLIS By Michael Dempsey ( Night Shade Books)
Visit the authors GORGEOUS website at http://www.necropolisthenovel.com/

***AND COMING THIS DECEMBER .. LOOK OUT FOR the 2nd book in the Gologotham Series:
LEFT HAND MAGIC by Nancy Collins (Penguin / ROC)