NECROPOLIS By Michael Dempsey

Here is the announcement:

Michael Dempsey's NECROPOLIS, pitched as The Big Sleep meets Frankenstein meets The Curious Case of Benjamin Button meets Fringe, in which an NYPD detective was revived in a future New York City quarantined beneath a geodesic Blister and under the brutal control of a Halliburton-like company fifty years after he and his wife were killed in a bodega hold-up, courtesy of a retrovirus which jump-starts dead DNA and throws the life cycle into reverse, so reborns like him must cope with the fact that they are not only slowly youthing toward a new childhood, but have become New York's most hated minority, to Jeremy Lassen at Night Shade Books, for publication in October 2011, by Sandy Lu at L. Perkins Agency (World English). 
And now see the trailer!