It is true. I have so much to say and am quite the chatterbox, but I try to blog after working hours. My only problem is that I am reading manuscripts during those hours. Lately I have been working as soon as my eyes open and don't stop until I fall asleep. I take my iPad, laptop and cell phone to bed and work from bed with the TV on way past 2 or 3 am. This is not healthy and I am going to spend the summer finding a happy medium, but until then, I have the wonderful "BAT-tern" to keep you guys updated.

And here she is...


It’s your friendly neighborhood Bat-tern here. Louise has some announcements to make.  First off, two amazing deals were announced yesterday:
March 18, 2013
Sarah Title's APPLE OF MY PIE, a novella about a female food truck owner whose amazing baking skills only come to fruition during the full moon, and the straight-laced accountant who falls in love with her but must deal with the fact the woman of his dreams believes she's cursed, to be published in an anthology headlined by NYT bestselling author Lori Foster, to Alicia Condon at Kensington, by Louise Fury at the L. Perkins Agency.

March 18, 2013
Young Adult 
Francesca Zappia's debut ASK AGAIN LATER, about the ultimate unreliable narrator, a schizophrenic teenage girl unable to tell the difference between reality and delusion who discovers -- thanks to her Magic 8 ball, her little sister and a boy she thought was imaginary -- that sometimes there really is someone out to get you, to Virginia Duncan at Greenwillow, in a good deal, in a pre-empt, by Louise Fury at L. Perkins Agency (World English).

Also, since the last time I posted, Team Fury gained a new member on February 26th. Please welcome Naomi L. Hughes! Naomi was discovered via Pitch Wars and you can read about her journey to Team Fury here.

Now, for a little housekeeping. The Twit-tern has compiled a list of Team Fury members on Twitter. If you’re not on the list, please comment here. The blog roll will also be updated shortly so if you’re missing from there and you have a website, please comment here as well.

Louise has been receiving a lot of emails lately, asking for the status of their manuscript. I’ve been doing my best to get the slush sorted and I’m up to late 2012. Louise needs to take a look and then emails will start rolling out. Please note that her clients come first and they will always take priority over the slush. 

If you want a spot on Team Fury, the best way is to pitch to Louise, either through contests like Pitch Wars/Madness or at conferences. Submissions for Pitch Madness are currently closed, but Louise will be attending the 2013 RT Booklovers Convention on May 1-3 and the DFW Writers’ Conference on May 4-5. To make an appointment with her at either event, check the guidelines at the event you’re interested in attending.

LATE BREAKING UPDATE:  Louise flashed the batsignal in the sky so here I am again with NEWS. Team Fury is delighted to also welcome Katana Collins. She pitched to Louise at the 2013 Liberty States Fiction Writers conference and it became official on March 22nd