Conference Roundup #1

A #DFWCon guest post by my new friend Sarah.

10 Things I learned at DFWcon
Sarah Bale

10. Take a class that you normally wouldn’t. I took a class about writing for the Chicken Soup for the Soul books this year. As an Erotica Author, this is something that normally wouldn’t be my first pick, but I am glad I took it. It ended up leaving me inspired in so many ways

9. If writing romance, remember there are just some words you should avoid. I took Roni Loren’s romance class and it really got me thinking about the words that should never be used in romance. As Roni said, “The only ‘member’ in your book should be a member of a club!”

8. Be Yourself. This one might sound easy, but I think it’s easy to forget. People want to get to know YOU. J

7.  Have fun. Conferences can be hectic with the networking, classes, and pitching to agents. Just remember to enjoy yourself at the same time.

6. Visit the Vendors. The vendors WANT you to stop by and say hello (and view their products). I ended up getting two books for free to read and write a review on. I also ended up winning a door prize through a vendor, just by stopping to say hello.

5. Bring plenty of cash. Cash is something that people often forget, but you have to remember that not all vendors take cash. Also, there is usually as cash bar at the mixer ;)

4. Social Media. Make your presence known on social media, but don’t be annoying. I went to three different classes and they all said the same thing. Remember, it’s social media… not selling media.

3. Walk Away. In Kelly Simmon’s marketing/PR class, she said something that really stuck with me. Sometimes you may get a bad review or negative comment. You have to WALK AWAY from them. Responding will only fuel the fire.

2. Agents are people, too. Don’t be afraid to say hello to an agent if you see them. They are people, too, and like meeting new people. Just make sure you aren’t following them into the bathroom or interrupting them while they are eating or talking to others.

1. YOLO. The final thing I learned at DFWcon is to seize the moment. The ‘You Only Live Once’ was my motto and it worked for me. J

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