RT Shooting Stars Gala

I'm back from the annual RT Booklovers Convention and had such a great time in NOLA this year! 

I co-hosted The Shooting Stars Gala with agent Nicole Resciniti and Jenny Bent, which was a huge success. It was fabulous seeing our clients, readers, and industry professional mingle, play book trivia bingo, win prizes, and connect over a shared love for romance. I can't wait for next year's RT in Dallas!

Here are some of the highlights from the Gala pulled from Twitter:

Kate Allure's table, photo credit: Jenny Bent

Rita Herron's table, photo credit: Jenny Bent

Cindy Nord, photo credit: Jenny Bent

Tera Lynn Childs and Katana Collins, photo credit: Jenny Bent

Michele Summers table, photo credit: Michele Summers

Megan Frampton's Raffle basket, photo credit: Megan Frampton

Gala prepping! photo credit: Marisa Cleveland

Jen McLaughlin/Diane Alberts, photo credit: Jenny Bent

Lisa Renee Jones, photo credit: Jenny Bent

Cole Gibson's table, photo credit: Cole Gibsen

Jessica Lemmon's table, photo credit: Jessica Lemmon
Julia London's table, photo credit: Julia London

For all those who attended, thank you! I hope you had as much fun as I did. If you're at RT in Dallas next year, please consider yourself invited to enjoy this event!