Show your receipt of Across the Distance and receive the first two chapters of Can't Go Back! In the first novel we heard from Jillian, now its time to hear Griffin's side of the story! When Jillian moved next door, she refused to get out of the car. I climbed into the backseat beside her and promised to never leave her.  Now, I'm driving her a thousand miles away, so she can leave me.  She has to go. What else would she do? Follow me and my band from one cheap bar to another, get hit on by sleazy promoters? Because Jillian would definitely get hit on. She's the most gorgeous, talented girl I've ever known, and she doesn't even see it.  This scholarship gives Jillian the chance to study at the best design school in the country. It's what she's always wanted. I won't stand in the way of her dreams, no matter how much it hurts to watch her go. I just wish she wasn't leaving without knowing the truth . . . Eligible receipts must be dated prior to Midnight on May 12, 2015.Buy: Across the Distance
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